In the Netherlands employers are facing a significant shortage of technical personnel. The number of people finishing a technical education is only half the number the industry needs in this sector. A big part of these vacancies are at Intermediate Technical School level. Because of the bad image of this education many students choose for an education in a different direction.
Only a quarter of them end up at a technical education. This is a problem since the number of people with this education retiring exceeds the number of people that can apply for these positions.

The Netherlands has focused a lot on increasing the knowledge level of the employees. While this is a good intention it seems that this has led to a shortage of employees who are technically educated. Educations at intermediate level in the metal industry for example were not very popular. This is a result of people choosing a higher education because this guaranteed a better chance on finding a decent job. The Netherlands has a strong position in certain areas of expertise and the technical industry is definitely part of that. Now it is the challenge to keep this position. But since the numbers of people needed in this area are decreasing we have to think about how we can solve that.

Some companies choose to move some activities to surrounding countries. In general there are more people with a good technical education. Another solution is to attract personnel of countries and regions who are capable to fulfill the vacancies. About a quarter of employers worldwide has chosen this path to tackle the problem of shortages of well-educated staff in their own country.

International Recruiters helps companies in the Netherlands to maintain or, in many cases, increase their number of educated and capable personnel. We recruit extensively across Europe (and in particular within the Central European countries that joined the EU in recent years). Whether companies are looking for long- or short-term personnel, we have the right candidate.
Our clients include many of the top industrial manufacturers and chemical plants in Holland and Belgium. We fulfilled numerous vacancies like CNC programmers, constructors, technical engineers, chemists, and many more.



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