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International Recruiters is one of Europe's pre-eminent industrial recruitment companies. We recruit extensively across Europe (and in particular within the Central European countries that joined the EU in recent years). International Recruiters clients include many of the top industrial manufacturers and chemical plants in Holland and Belgium. We fulfilled numerous vacancies like CNC programmers, constructors, technical engineers, chemists, and many more vacancies.

Leading pharmaceutical, chemical, technical, and research companies benefit from International Recruiters extensive experience across Europe recruiting all levels and grades of personnel critical for their requirements.
Clients benefit from our offices and multi-lingual staff based throughout Europe. International Recruiters has a unique presence and commitment to research and marketing enabling it to constantly augment its already huge databases of candidates in numerous specialisms.

Whether you are a candidate now looking for a new position or are a client looking for assistance with recruitment, contact International Recruiters to find out how we can assist you.



International Recruiters
Watermanstraat 64
7324 AK Apeldoorn
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 552010167
Mobile: +31 614246527
Fax: +31 383334535


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